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The victory comes before the event

I am a big fan of the underdog in sports, and in life. I don’t know if it is as much about the little guy beating the giant as much as the preparation done prior to the challenge or event.

1 John 4:4 tells us, “But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who, lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.”

Think about this verse a few minutes…
1. When you belong to God… having accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are no longer controlled by the world. The world can and will influence you, but it doesn’t control you.

  1. When you have victory over the world… having victory over the world is all about how you view and function in the world. We are to be in the world not of it. Simply put, we are to be in it, but it isn’t in us.
  2. When you see the details… you discover two different letters used in this verse… S is capitalized when it refers to a person and that person is the Holy Spirit. It also implies the s (spirit) of the world is less than that of God. This is a key point to remember… God wins.
  3. Preparation is vital… we must prepare for the victory or game etc.. When we practice to the focus of the win, we will be better equipped for the win. It is all about preparation and focus.

This is something our world misses…

We can be caught up in the touchdown celebration but totally overlook the plays that prepared for the touchdown.
We can celebrate the winning field goal without seeing the hours and hours of practice with the snap, hold and kick.
We can watch out friends get a promotion, find a great house or other things along this line but we often forget about the hard work put into earning, developing and earning the promotion, saving up for the house or vehicle etc.

We can see the parent with a great relationship with their children and overlook the hours and hours of time spent conversing, working on homework and doing life with them.

We can see the perfect couple who seems to have it all, the best communication, date nights etc… but we neglect to see the commit they have made to make it a priority or to see the time they invest in growing the relationship.

I could go on and on for pages of we can see but we don’t see. God has won the victory over death and the world through Jesus and we are no longer slaves to the world but servants to the One True God. So, what?

I would encourage you to take regular time out of you day, week, month :
to reflect on the victory God has done,
to put in the work to gain and earn things.

Dave Ramsay talks about living different now in a way that you can truly live land give different later. He speaks from a financial mindset but I would also encourage us to take the same attitude towards life… live now so you can enjoy living fully in Christ later… Devote yourself to the apostle teaching, spend time with God and continue to influence the world on His behalf.

Role Reversal? Say What?

think bulb
Role Reversal….. I think this is one of the biggest, most complicated issues in leadership; Primarily in reference with adult support doing what you want them to do or not!
So is the issue here with the adult volunteer or staff person or YOU?
I would tend to say it is more driven by you than them, not always but let’s start there.

We tend to have roles for people to serve due to:
1. a lack of interest on our part.
2. a need for help
3. your sr administration or pastor tells you to
4. You have parents to help but keeps them away from you

Whatever the reason you have people really doesn’t matter. What matters is how you equip them to serve (help)
Here are a few things to consider:
1. Do you have accurate job descriptions?
2. Do you have the appropriate tools for them to accomplish the task at hand?
3. Do you have a plan for growth?
4. Did you and are you praying for God to bring the correct person for the role?
5. Does the role and need fit into your mission and vision statement?
and How will this person(s) help move things toward that goal?
6. When do you need the role filled?
7. Who will be overseeing and training this person?
8. How long will that role need to be filled or expanded?

If our position allows us the ability to add and multiply staff and service opportunities we need to be diligent in doing the work before they come in-order to have success while they serve to eventually add additional personal for them to oversee.
If we invest the time in the front end we will be able to produce fruit in the end…
Please take time to prayer, plan and prepare.. it might be the difference between success and failure.

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