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Cancel a First

We planned to attend the Cincy Junior High Believe event at NKU (Northern Kentucky University) by CY (Christ In Youth) but through some prayer and conversations decided to switch from the Biggest event location to one of the smallest in Anderson Indiana. It will be a scheduling adjustment and some work will need to be done but I felt good about the choice made.
We had some friends still attend the event, well Friday Night (Day one) of it anyways.
Saturday (Day two) proved to be more than CIY, and NKU had in mind with 5 plus inches of snow falling. This required the CIY team to cancel their first ever. Did you read that FIRST EVER Junior High Believe in their long ministry’s history.
I feel for them for several reasons:
1. They worked hard to put on an awesome event, everything was set up to go.
2. They will have to reload it all back into semis and try towhead back to Missouri.
3. They will have to deal with all of the churches who planned to attend and couldn’t due to the snow storm.
4. They will have to debrief this one as a staff too.

I also feel for the Youth Pastors who brought their teens into town and are stuck. Other Youth workers need to answer to parents, and bosses, why they went in the first place and then the disappointment of missing an awesome event.
I then began to pray for all impacted by the snow.. I mean snow… I am from Michigan and the snow we are getting now is greater than most winter snow falls in Michigan… we are getting dumped on.

I urge the readers to always have a good solid safety plan and a plan for the what if… I would rename it Snowmagedon or maybe pandora since the weather people have labeled it that.
A couple quick ideas:
1. Plan alternatives with regard to eating.. do you have different restaurants or food plans?
2. Do you have some rainy day games or activities you can do if you need them?
3. What is your plan or policy on cancelations.?
Do you communicate refunds or loss of refunds in your paperwork?
4. Do you have a solid communications chain? that might be phone, emails or tweets, maybe even an instagram video to let the key people know.

I know our church plans for cancelations but how about you?
Please don’t get caught in the snow storm with your socks off. Plan a head, it might save you a lot of unneeded stress and ear chewing

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