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New Years Resolutions

How do you launch your New Years resolutions? How do you plan to succeed in accomplishing them? Well, I think you might be surprised to read this information but most start them planning and practice to late to win.

I have a chiropractor friend, who I will refer to as Dr. James (since it is his name) that teaches his clients to begin the resolution or any new habit a month in advance to accomplish it. The idea is simply starting to create the habit, routine and disciplines.

We shared some time thinking and digesting this idea recently at youth group. I would like to share some highlights from this experience.

  1. Identify five major stresses in your life.
  2. Identify which you can change (control) and those you cannot control.
  3. Change those you can, give to God to those you cannot.

Philippians 4:6-7 reminds us to not work about things but pray.

  1. Who do you represent?
  2. Your clothes? Mine say DYM, YW, Nike, DHSM, Michigan etc.
  3. Your friendships?
  4. Your future?

We can discover a lot about our attention or life.
Leviticus 19:4 reminds us not to trust in idols but God.

  1. Review time… please refer back to the previous 1,2&3 and check for similarities? Is God trying to reveal something through them?
  2. Repair relationships.
  3. Who do you have conflict with?
  4. How can you forgive them? Or make the relationship better?

Ephesians 4:31-32 reminds us to get rid of all bitterness etc.. forgive one another as Christ forgives you.

  1. Make time for Jesus. Seems simple but it has to be a priority in our day.

1 Timothy 4:13-14 reminds us to devote ourselves to reading bible, praising God and teaching others.

  1. Spend time praying
  2. Make a top five list of things, habits etc you want to continue doing… for example devotion time, exercise daily.
  3. Make a top five list of things, habits etc you want to stop doing… for example cheating on tests, lying, talking bad about yourself..

1 Thessalonians 5:17 reminds us to never stop praying.

  1. What is the best time of day, week for you to pray?
  2. What can you do to make that happen?
  3. Who can support you in this commitment?


I know it is a huge list and seems to be overwhelming but I would totally encourage you to take the next month to get a routine and healthy habits to accomplish some growth.
I enjoy watching sports and often think it would be cool to play in the NFL or whatever… but I am not willing to do the work to accomplish that… Often we think of people who are spiritual champions and want to be like them… but we aren’t willing to do the time to be like Jesus.
Friends it will take work to make it a priority and we are all able to make them… after all we do everyday…

Happy New Habits day to you.


Showing the Love Youth Ministry Style

Andy feels the love

As a long time youth worker, I have been blessed in a variety of ways over the last 18 years of ministry. Some of the more useful ones are: a week long trip to Disney and Sea World, a week on a sailboat, a condo in SC, a pig (it was already processed). Some that mean as much but wouldn’t seem so to the non-youth worker world: Our entire yard forked, toilet papered trees, a flock of flamingos put all over the lawn, some creative decorating of my vehicle two different times, balloons all over my office and so on.
Allow me to challenge you to think through how you have been appreciated? I think we often feel the world is against us and we are in a little island of youth work but in reality we exist in a society of specially gifted and like minded people.
September 14th was the date of the picture posted along with this blog post. It was taken at Group Headquarters in the office of the awesome Youth Guru Andy Brazelton, yes we blessed him beyond measure.
I was sifting through my photo album and realized just how much we did to his office… we put a rickshaw in it…. and then it dawned on me.. It was a bunch of youth workers showing their love and admiration of a fellow in the trenches guy who truly cares about youth workers… So Andy and every other youth worker out there who has been blessed with a messed up office or car or yard know how truly special and appreciated you are..
God Bless and good luck cleaning.

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