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Grief do you have a plan

Do you have a plan? Do you have a plan in place for your student ministry when a bad situation occurs? If so, awesome! Please take some time in your monthly schedule to review your plan, educate your leaders and pray.
If not, please consider the following step to establish a solid plan to be prepared:
1. Prayer is vitally important leading up to, during and after any grief.
2. Educate your leaders. There are a few good sources out there to use .
a..Such as Rich Van Pelts book called The Youth worker guide to helping teenagers in crisis.
b. Marv Penner’s book Help! my kids are Hurting: a survival guide to working with students in pain
3. Communicate with parents about your plan and resources.
4. Continually build healthy relationship with teenagers
5. Be ready to act
I know our natural tendency is to blow this off but God’s word teaches us to be prepared.

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