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We all have junk in our heads. This is mine.

Everything is different but it is the same

I have found myself in a weird state of balance these past few weeks. I enjoy a routine and for matters of national health (and mine) I am adjusting to this stay at home order in hopes that we as a nation, state, community, house can rid ourselves of this nasty virus, health scare. I am not sure how long it will last but I have found some struggles:

  1. 6 adult people in the house at one time, using two bathrooms, one refrigerator, one television and not a whole ton of internet band with…
  2. I can’t make my regular Starbucks run with Bob. It isn’t as much about getting a chai tea with soy but missing the conversations to and from.
  3. I can’t see, high five, side hug or even knuckle bump with anyone of the awesome students I know.
  4. There is no spring sport events to attend and support students, or musicals, band concerts and maybe even graduation. This one hurts. I so enjoy supporting our school and students.
  5. The list could go on and on..

But in the midst of this I am finding some joy, or God sightings

  1. My kids are home, healthy, learning and growing. They are sharing things too.
  2. I can have a chai at home and communicate with Bob over the phone, text etc.
  3. I get to see my students via virtual reality on different social platforms. I am thankful for that. They are an encouraging, loving bunch for sure.
  4. I am not seeing the denominational arguing that was very heated and present prior to the Virus outbreak.
  5. I am happy that we live with technology but also have printed Bibles, bible apps we can use to grow ourselves and share with others.
  6. I am not spending a ton of money eating out or fueling my vehicles. That is a pleasant truth,… well besides gas prices being lower than I can remember.

It really simply comes down to making lemon aide out of lemons, thinking about the cup having liquid in it.. half empty or half full you still have contents in it. It comes down to realizing we are in a new season. A new normal is forming and we are learning to embrace the season.

I am thankful for you. Yes, You!  You are growing, learning, adapting and adjusting to a new normal, A normal that has ups and downs, wins and losses but ultimately it is a season you can choose to make the best with it.

Know I am praying for you today.


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