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Want want want.. We desire the want

Getting what you want?

I have learned over the past 50 years; I don’t always get what I want and beginning to realize that is probably for my best interest. I recall asking and wanting…

  • A horse… yeah glad that didn’t happen
  • A new car… I couldn’t afford the payments
  • A new job… I was needing to learn through the job (this would be a whole additional blog)
  • A better friendship… I was the one needing to grow and help my friend grow.

The list could grow and grow but you get the point. I have had some very good wants provided too

  • A wife who loves Jesus and me
  • A family who loved me for me
  • A few kids (four) who make me proud and are great people
  • A great job, I truly am blessed to be working full time in Ministry.
  • A Horse… well that one didn’t happen, but I am glad.
  • A new car, someone donated (gifted) us a few automobiles over the years.

We tend to view things in our lives as wants and needs… I need to breathe, eat, drink and live and I want a ton of other things… of which are simply that wants.

We are quickly approaching the Christmas day events. Some will balance church, family events and others will simply function as it is just another day. We made it through black Friday and will approach time of Happy New year but snuggled in the middle is Christmas… I enjoy it for two reasons…  Family time and watching my then younger kids playing with the boxes presents came in over the presents themselves. It is a funny reminder that we truly are blessed with more than we need and for sure than we want.

As we move into the season of Christmas take time to be thankful for what we have and what we need compared to what others seem to need throughout the world we live in.


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