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Exceedingly Abundantly

I started my day with a devotion from the Experiencing God Day by Day Devotional book. A few guys from the community meet monthly to discuss the topics within or discovered in our daily God time through the book. It is a hit or miss for me but so far I am 8 for 8…. Yeah, thankful for a New Year launching point.

The topic today was/is Exceedingly Abundantly…
Exceedingly is defined as an unusual degree; very; extremely

Abundantly is defined as ..present in great quantity; more than adequate; over sufficient, or well supplied with something; abounding

One of the lines was.. God sees the big picture… It was an awesome but yet scary and loaded statement heading into the New Year. It hit me this year (this is year 3 of me doing this resource) in a unique different way. I am in a season and continue to plan and look ahead for the second half of our ministry year, adapting and encouraged by a new (well he isn’t new but you know what I mean) senior minister who is excited about the future. I have been planning and looking to implement some new or at least different ministry opportunities. But… But… But. How much of this planning is Jon planning or incorporating God into the plans? After all, HE is exceedingly, abundantly seeing the big picture. He sees it all and I know is willing to bring me and others along for the ride and adventure.
This Is a friendly reminder to seek God first and allow Him to direct your path and guide the way into the New Year and coming days. It is a journey and a future of question, excitement and in some ways fear.

Walk with Jesus on the journey not alone. We aren’t designed to do life alone. God wants to be involved, wants us to be in community with others and reaching out to those who don’t know Him yet.

God Bless and Good Luck this 2019 year.

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