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Prepared? Really does it matter?

That question really is a question of context… depending on the context being prepared does matter.

Malachi 3:1 “ Look, I am sending my messenger, and he will prepare the way before me.”

Check it out… Allow me to indulge a bit for you… allow me to offer some examples…

  • Ever take a trip to the bathroom, only to walk away with TP stuck on your foot?
  • Ever take a trip with a baby and figure out you left the diaper bag at home?
  • Ever take a group of teens to a retreat and forget one at the rest stop…. NO, that wouldn’t be good.. bad example.
  • Ever go to a concert, amusement park or movie only to remember you forgot the tickets?

I will admit I have walked out of a restroom with TP on my shoe.
I will admit I have left the diaper bag at home.

I will admit to forgetting a ticket to a theme park.. that was an expensive lesson.
I have never ever forgot a teen at a rest stop… but know someone who did. They turned around and got the teen.

  • Ever go to the bathroom only to find out you are out of TP, or worse there is barely enough tp to use…

I know we all have to commit to this one…. We are all subject to this in two ways… we are the one who used the last of it up or we are the ones who discovered this issue.

But is this what Malachi from the bible is talking about? Not really… He is talking about someone coming in our behalf to help us find our way in the world, through the world and to a better place. He was a messenger.

Allow me to offer some additional indulgences?

  • How well do you prepare for things in your life?
    • Do you do your homework or cram to finish?
    • Do you slack when the boss or teachers is missing?
    • Do you prepare in practice to be the best during the game?
    • Do you find truth only to blow it off?
    • Do you find yourself compromising for the moment or an impulse instead of waiting? Simply put, do you regret the decision once you realize you chose it?

Maybe all of these are true, I know I fall prey to some and that doesn’t define me.. I have chosen to allow those examples to shape me, to train me to use my time of preparing as a tool, that when it is go time I will preform to my ability.

John Wooden (Great college basketball coach at UCLA) said,  “How you run the race – your planning, preparation, practice and performance—counts for everything. Winning or losing is a by-product, an aftereffect, or that effort.”
Such truth to this statement.. please read it again before you move on.


I hope you can find healing, hope and a challenge in how you prepare. I hope you to can and will stop the cycle of compromise and begin a fresh.. prepare well to perform well in life. It is up to you to choose.

Go Team prepared.

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