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Been fighting the Greed?

Wow.. Yeah early in January 2016 I am already at it, talking greed and fighting.
I was reading in my bible the other day… a verse in Proverbs jumped out to me… partly due to suffering through a Bengals playcat fight.jpegoff game (1/9/16) where the Steelers and Bengals actually were getting into issues, fightings etc.. It was a frustrating experience for me as a football fan and human… Back to proverbs..

Proverbs 28: 25 (NLT) ” Greed causes fighting; rushing the Lord leads to prosperity.” Boom there it is.. if we pursue greed it will result in fighting… I wonder if:

  • the players were playing a fun game of football or a game of greed ball? I am not or never have been a NFL star let alone good football player. I guarded the bench and played a lot in practice..

Rushing to the Lord leads to prosperity….

  • at the end of the game… at mid field.. the very same spot where the officials where standing on point guarding to prevent a pregame fight.. some players gathered to pray.

The prayer time did not make the press, Sports Center, or any other sports show, it didn’t make the Live with Kelly and Michael show… but the fighting, arguing and all the issues did…

Why? Why did one get media attention and the other not?

I believe in my heart it is simply based on the above scripture.. we live in a world who is consumed with greed, not everyone but most fall to the greed monster which leads to fighting.. some of the fighting is external but I bet most of us are fighting internally..

But if we follow the verse… “trusting in the Lord leads to prosperity.”  I know.. trust that is a big thing as is being prosperous. Again two things the world struggles to achieve and do.
We aren’t trusting people and often perceive prosperity in a worldly way.. We want riches, fancy cars, big house and what ever the neighbor gets that we do not have.

God is talking about trusting in Him first.. He is the key and when we do, we will be more able and equipped to trust others.

My prayer is simply… Lord allow me to run from greed and towards you in prayer and trust. I encourage you to join me in this pursuit. Pray, seek and grow.

I would rather be the one not making great headlines impacting the world one person at a time than making every major news show as they discuss my poor example.


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