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Christmas Beginnings…. Really?

John 1:1 “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (NLT Jesus Centered Bible)

A Youth Worker friend shared this verse during a Christmas event we jointly ran through the local junior high school. It has been the verse he reflected on during the Christmas season on Jesus birth. This is not a normal go to book of the Bible to use for the Birth story but it has merit….

Beginning… yes this refers to starting, for example… the race begins at the start finish line. This implies to all that it has a start. Yeah, I know…. Dumb comment everyone knows that but do we carry that throughout other areas of life? For most the answer is no.

We live in a social media world where students (and I assume adults) who will post the start date (or anniversary) of their relationship with a person. Girls will add an emoji character at times… Facebook also post former pictures of you in the past as a memory moment… yeah, cool but a bit creepy.

We live in a world where colleges play sports against each other. Some are referred to as the greatest rivalry in college football, followed by a start date of this rivalry.

We live in a world that marks anniversary to employment, marriages, cars, vacations and things along that line.

We live in a world that marks buildings showing when they were built.

But what do we think when it comes the bible and its history?

We unfortunately change our thinking of beginnings… some argue the world is millions of years old, while others say it is younger, which is interesting how we justify and hold tight to different interpretations of the bible and the world’s creation.
One thing that I know for sure… and no matter what stance you stand on… John 1:1 shares that Jesus (the Word) was there… We can truly argue the world’s age until we are blue in the face or we agree to disagree on that is correct… but we can’t argue the fact Jesus was there.
The Word was with God. I always had sensitivity to this verse. It was one of the first verses in the bible I memorized. As my youth worker friend was talking about Jesus sharing Hope throughout the verses that follow and no matter what our darkness feels or looks like we can see light and gain hope from knowing Jesus is there.

It hit me. Jesus cares and was there before me, is there with me now and will be with me in the future. It is a gift for all people to know and carry the light of Christ during our dark times.

My prayer is simply that we would never doubt that Jesus was, is and will be with us. We have to choose to stay with Him. God is so good to us and we often don’t take time to remember and reflect on it.

The wraps and stuff like that 8 of 8 series

 Part 8 of 8: The Wraps

We took a long, long journey through the detestable things we can do that God doesn’t like…. He hates them. Yeah hate is a strong word. A really really strong word but it is what God feels about the things I have been blogging about for a long time.

So, for a quick review here they are:

  1. Haughty eyes (arrogant eyes)
  2. a lying tongue (a tongue that lies)
  3. hands that shed innocent blood (hands that murder the innocent)
  4. a heart that devises wicked plans ( a heart that hatches evil plots)
  5. feet that runs toward evil (always stirring up trouble)
  6. a false witness (a mouth that lies under oath)
  7. one who sows discord among brothers (a troublemaker in the family)


I have had some time to think through this list of detestable things to God… and discovered something interesting…

The list above is presents the following issues to Christians

  1. They share a poor witness example of who Christ is to others.
  2. They will be major distractions for our own spiritual walk with Christ.
  3. They are issues we first contain in our hearts that eventually work their way into our day to day lives and actions..


I am not sure if this list and recent blogs post upset you, offend you or simply aren’t a big deal to you but for me they are a warning from the Bible for me to make sure I am not allowing Satan to tempt me to begin thinking, then harboring and eventually revealing these things in my life… if nothing more than it effects those around me but also puts distance between Jesus and I.

Please reread the blogs… and evaluate things on a personal level then make the time to communicate to Jesus about your weaknesses and your strengths in order to be forgiven and to continue growing as a Christ follower…


I am praying for us, to be more like Christ and less like the world.

Warning 7 of 8….Trouble… Trouble… Trouble

Part 7 of 8: Trouble Makers

I will first admit I am a twin (identical twin) with that being said, we (my brother and I) caused a lot of trouble for each other. I think it was a game to see who could get the other in more trouble, or maybe just to avoid splitting fire wood in the cold Michigan winter… whatever the reason we had little trouble with causing trouble. I also have watched other siblings try their best to get another in trouble.. maybe for the same reason, maybe for a totally different reason. But the truth of the matter it isn’t a good thing.

This is the point in the blog where you the reader says something to the extent of “I am not a twin, so I am good to go” or “ I am a single child, so I am good to go.” NOT SO FAST Slick…. It does not work that way…. Do you work in a setting that requires a team or group of people to do tasks that allow a product to get completed? Do you play a sport that requires you to function with others on a field of play? (I know our local school football team went to state and while being interviewed they referred to the team as a FAMILY..

Step back for a minute…. What does family mean? It might mean some pretty ugly things for some but for the majority it means parents, siblings and even some animals. It means spending time together on vacations, yard work and even around the dinner table… to me it means a wife, 4 kids, 4 cats, 2 dogs, too many rabbits to count and some chickens. It takes a group to make a family… No one goes to a restaurant and asks for a table for one… the family table that would be crazy.

So what is the point to all this family talk? Great question! It is the very topic that God detests…. Check it out for yourself

Proverbs 6:19b “ a person who sows discord in a family.” The Message translation says it like this: “ A trouble maker in the family.”  This verse goes along with the warning series I have been blogging about. I know God cares for his people and warns us because He cares. So, what can we gain from this verse…

We are a part of a family…

In your house

In your class room

In your sports or academic teams

In your colleges

In your work place

We are a family and God says being a trouble maker is bad . Why is it so bad? Well it creates disharmony, it creates a poor atmosphere, it creates tension that isn’t healthy or a great witness to others. Why would anyone want to be on a team with people who always cause trouble? Why would anyone want to work for a place full of troublemakers?
We would admit, NO ONE in the right mind would want to be associated to that type of negativity or be connected to it.
I think it might be a good warning from God to take a couple minutes each day and ask ourselves… and I part of the problem or solution? I am not referring to Do I think I am right or wrong… it isn’t about that…. It is about connecting with a group (family) and working through the challenges we all bring to that family in order to make a better place for others in the world.. God will work in and through us but His Word is clearly telling us


Find ways to set triggers for yourself… ways that will warn you prior to being one of those people… ways to not regret an action or comment… ways to help others see Jesus through every action we make…. Even when no one is around us to see it.
This isn’t an easy task or thing to do… no, it isn’t for the weak or the easy quitter.. it is for the brave, the free and those who want to live a life that is much larger than anything they could ever imagine..
Be a world changer in your family first!

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