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Part 4 of 8.. The plot twist… we like them in movies but what about real life?

plot twistProverbs 6:18a… God detests a heart that plots evil… This one is very much like the warning that preceded it.. Remember? Hands that kill the innocent.. our mind drives our actions eventually.
If you are anything like me, you like a movie with a good plot twist. The movie is flowing pretty good, we are anticipating the next move, then it happens… we are blindsided out of nowhere and we get plot twisted… everything we once thought was the fact, becomes different due to the change in plot.

God is calling us, warning us to guard our hearts from plotting evil. I would say our world is full of plot twits…

  • Divorce is a plot twist.. married happy ever after then something happens and plot twist.. divorce
  • A freak traffic accident is a plot twist.. everyone drives the road all the time, but one time an accident happens and plot twits… someone is hurt, our car is destroyed or even worse fixable but with tons of money
  • A star athlete is playing at the height of his or her league, making plans to finish the year at the state finals… then plot twist.. the athlete blows out a knee, their throwing arm or something that causes them to end their dreams early .. plot twist… they are now watching from the sidelines
  • Prom is coming, you have your eye on that special person.. you are about to ask them to prom and plot twist… someone beat you to it and they are no longer available to attend with you… Plot twist you compromise or just don’t go

So, how do we change out story to not plot evil? It is truly a large question we often ask when we see a school destroyed by violence, or a natural disaster, or a person we know who makes a poor choice and it affects their life forever.

I think we can continually work on doing good because it is good to do it. We can work on thinking before we speak, before we act, before we respond to a situation or person. We can very easily take a deep deep breathe and think of the out-come if we choose to plot twist in a way that causes us to do wrong (sin). I know it will take great energy but we could even go back to those we have wronged and seek forgiveness.

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