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Warning #3 with what God detests….. Hand Jive…. or not.

Hands that Kill the innocent…

We are currently in a world where people are killing people on a regular basis.. We could easily talk for days about the cause:

  • Brainwashing?
  • Hurtful retaliation?
  • Accidental mishaps.. like drunk driving, things of that nature.

But the point of this blog post has very little to do with our current situation, it is all about a warning….
Proverbs 7: 17 God detests hands that kill the innocent.. I feel this is a warning for everyone from a caring loving God.

Hey friends, lets face it.. we are warned not to kill the innocent.. I would take this challenge a step further and begin to warn ourselves in our hearts..

How do we kill the innocent? Well we often think hateful thoughts about others.. some are our family members, others are rivals, others we are just jealous of, no matter the reason in our minds and hearts we are committing a very simple act of killing.. one actions many of us don’t follow through with but to others it gives and feeds others to act on the thoughts..

God is a God who loves everyone… no matter what color, gender, style or personality.. He is love and love doesn’t allow for Hate.. or killing of the innocent.

This isn’t about our hands as much as it is about our hearts and minds…

My encouragement is God loves us… He provides for us.. He has made a path for us…. He is our Father… a healthy Father we need and have been wired to connect with..

My challenge is to no longer allow ourselves to kill the innocent or anyone in our minds.

The mind is a very dangerous, complex, powerful muscle that can be used for GOOD or BAD.. We are able to work and grow our ability to do good and not to commit murder in our minds… therefore omitting it from our lives.

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