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PART 2 of 8 God hates… detests… haughty eyes

Second set of the multipart blog..
Review. God hates certain things as we do.. His reasons are totally different than ours and more appropriate too.

Proverbs 6:17 God hates Haughty eyes.. We first need to realize what haughty eyes are…
Webster says… haughty eyes are defined as snobbish, scornfully arrogant… so I can now add Webster to the list from the previous post.. more things to hate.

So, why would God dislike (hate) snobbish, scornfully arrogant eyes? Great question.. a better questions is:

Why do you dislike snobbish, scornfully arrogant eyes or people?

What jumps to mind… I really have never got along with people who were snobbish.. the ones who acted like they were better than anyone or everyone else. I think the dynamic changes for me since I have gotten older.. I no longer dislike them but I do feel for them.  I have learned in most cases it is an escape or hiding mechanism.. People feel the need to cover certain emotions or memories.

So, what did you come up with? What do you think of people who are snobbish?

Arrogance? I am not even going there we all know this one all to well. We live in a  world full of arrogant people, from sports, to extreme sports, to political figures to people in the store we shop in.

Why would God dislike (hate) the haughty eyes?
I was taught by my mom.. the true person lies within/ behind their eyes. You have to look into them to se the true person. When people don’t make eye contact we all get a bit uncomfortable.

Genesis 3 God warned Adam and Eve not to eat of the forbidden tree because your eyes would become open… open to seeing and know and living in a sinful world.

Exodus 13. it was to be a sign to us.. put a reminder between your eyes..  the eyes are a focal point to which we can be seen. that others can also see. It was a reminder of God delivering His people out of trouble.

Our eyes are the thing we used to see both good and bad.. our eyes are used as a witness to God. Our eyes often speak louder than words.

So maybe this whole haughty eyes things has some merit after all. We are all meant to be an example of Jesus in our world. I am glad God reminds me to check my eyes, check my look and check my motives in all that I do. I want my eyes to be a window into who I am and WHOSE I am.

There is a game we play with our kids.. mainly when we are trying to kill time.. it is I spy… I spy something …… and the idea is to find an object that the other people need to guess, or figure out what it is… the winner gets to be the spier.
I would like to challenge each of us to play I Spy..

I spy someone who is a strong growing example?
I spy someone who is in need of some support and care?
I spy someone who has no clue what the meaning of life is?
I spy someone who is excited to be alive?

Good luck with who you spy and how God can use them to help you find Him more uniquely this week.

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