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PART 1 OF 8 Blog posts on the subject of Warning signs


Proverbs..6 verse 16.. Begins with these simple words
“There are 6 things the Lord hates– no seven things..”(Jesus Centered Bible)

I know this is a very controversial one line of text to write. But before you jump off the handle and go crazy on me… think about a couple of things for a minute..

  1. We all have things we hate… for example.. terrorism, drunk driving, bullying and anything done to us or someone that makes for a painful history.. holocaust, a terrible tornado, etc.
  2. When we hear someone doesn’t like us, we quickly don’t like them.. We hate them.
  3. We hate accountability.
  4. We hate when others opinions or views don’t line up with yours..
  5. We hate rumors, well the ones about us, our kids, our spouse or our friends.
  6. We also hate being told we are wrong.

So for the creator of the world to say He hates somethings we shouldn’t react with crazy thoughts, or to just shut down and ignore or rule the topic out. We should take sometime to seek to learn from everyone.. even those who view things different than we do.. that doesn’t mean we just throw discernment into the wind and trust everything we hear.

I would encourage you the reader and myself to seek sometime to evaluate what we are being told or what we are hearing, reading and even watching.
I watched a clip from the new show Quantico the other day. He new FBI recruits where encouraged not to allow the evidence to sway you.. look at the whole, big picture. I am asking each of us to look at the big picture when referencing the Word of God and how He is communicating with us.

Do not allow yourself to be a hater… just to hate.

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