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BEWARE….. we need to be aware

While reading Proverbs 4 a few weeks ago, God placed a theme of Beware on my heart. We jumped into it on a recent Sunday Night during our ministry night…
Set up… I handed out several topics to our junior and senior high students to think about and share on.

Play out…
Your time… How you spend your time is important.
Your media.. What you listen to and watch is important.
Your relationships.. Who you hang out with and date is important.
Your dress .. What you wear is important.
Your words.. What you say or don’t say is important.

Each student and leader came up and shared a simply paragraph on why it is important for people (especially Christians) to be conscious of the item they were presenting.

Your time.. We need to be cautious about how we spend our time. We only get so many hours in a day. Don’t waste them but also don’t run full open and burn out.
Your Media.. We need to be cautious about what we watch, play and listen to, what we take in our ears and eyes settles into our mind and heart and can change us.
Your Relationships .. We need to be cautious about who we date and hang out with. We are the ones who will be moving away from our Faith in Jesus not others. We need to maintain balance in our relationships
Your Dress.. We need to be cautious about what we wear, not just the girls either.. Our presentation is important. It tells people about us prior to them talking to us, getting to know us. We need to present ourselves in a modest not distracting way.
Your Words.. We need to be cautious about the words we say. People can be built up or easily broken down by our words and it can destroy any future words people will be willing to hear.

I was totally impressed with the words spoken on Sunday night and it made me think…
What can we change or beware of as people to make the world a better place?
Please join me in the journey of discovering a new way of using our witness to impact the church and the world.

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