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Discernment.. an interesting word

Discernment is a word we hear a lot .. You need to use good discernment while making that choice. Did you use good discernment during that blah blah blah… It made me think about it for a bit and then I blew it off.. “Hey, I am a busy person!”

Until last night, I was participating in my Adult small group and the lesson was from The Truth Project. The main teacher dude said look up Proverbs 5:2.. Yeah you guessed it…. discernment. It reads as follows: “Then you will show discernment, and your lips will express what you’ve learned.”

Which got me thinking, so I the word discernment and of course it says to act with discern or distinguish. I get so frustrated when they use a shorter version of the word to describe the word. That should be against the law.

But in the word distinguish it adds a great deal of depth to discernment. I am one who is naturally analytical, by that I mean I over think and process almost every decision or thought or action I make, it is a gift but also a real pain since I don’t have time to micro manage my thoughts all the time. In the word distinguish, it lends me to believe I have a part to play in the process of making a choice or in the situation I am facing. I can distinguish what would be the best, right or correct thing for me to do in the given situation.
I often think if the person who said that would have discerned the outcome, or distinguished what would occur, they might have avoided unnecessary trouble.

I wonder what our world would be like if more people who discern things over making excuses for things.
I wonder what our relationships would be like if we simply took the time to process how each step in the relationship will forever impact all of our relationships.
I wonder what our personal life would be like if we discerned our actions when no one is looking.
I wonder what our marriages would be like if we spent some extra time thinking about the relationship and other person prior to acting out our emotions.
I wonder what our churches would be like if we truly discerned what God is calling us to be and do. How would that shape our influence in the world.
I wonder what our teams would be like if we discerned, distinguished our roles on said team. There would be no I in team, it would be all about the team.

You get the point. I think we could use a prescription of discernment in our lives and relationships.

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