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Lesson Learned… Don’t Forget them

“My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands (teachings) in your heart (and Mind).”
Proverbs 3:1

This is a biblical principle but also a worldly one not to miss…
I know some people rule out the Bible as a source of education but I would challenge the thought for a minute.

  1. How do we learn math? By repetition.
  2. How do we learn to drive? By repetition.
  3. How do we learn to walk? By repetition.
  4. How do we learn sports plays? By repetition.
  5. How do we learn most things? By repetition.

I know throwing me into an algebra class makes me shutter inside but I would freak out if the first day of first grade the teacher sent me to algebra. I hope you would too but if not you are an incredible math wiz.

Ok, back to never forgetting the lessons we learn…

God is instructing us through the greatest mind of all time Solomon, who also made mistakes but one thing he knew is to learn from your experiences. I would be wise to take this instructing into practice. We watch other people making simple mistakes and think to ourselves.. dude come on get with it… learn to not do that again.. but when we are dealing with problems or mistakes we tend to put our head down and keep looking down not thinking about learning or applying lessons to the situation.

Well this is a wake up call… Learn to learn and remember your lessons…. life lessons, math lessons, financing lessons and driving lessons but also remember to practice your people lessons like generosity, grace, giving and grounding to a set of beliefs.

I am confident if we apply Proverbs 3:1 into our lives we will be happier people who will continue to change lives, including our own.

God Bless and keep learning

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