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The Hundred-Foot journey….What the church can learn form the movie

I recently watched the movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey” which was about a Indian family moving to France and deal with the challenges with a new culture and competitive restaurant owner.
While watching the movie… The family battled many obstacles, such as losing their mother in a house fire, moving to England and then to Italy to begin a new life and restaurant, across the street from a fancy place.
I begin to think about how a family eventually earns the love and respect of the community. They worked hard to not conform to the world they are in but to adjust in order to bring others to know them.
What can the church learn from this? Good question….
Internal church…
1. Everyone comes into the church from different aspects.
2. Everyone comes into the church with different struggles and histories.
3. Everyone in the church wants to be accepted in spite of who or what we are.
4. Take a deep breathe and try to see the others as who God created them to be not who you think they should be.
External church
1. People are created different and that is by God’s design
2. Everyone has a story and most have dreams.
3. God can use you to reach out to them in Christian love… that would require us to be giving and not selfish.
4. God could grow you and help you through interactions with “Those People”.

I am continually challenged and inspired by the youth of our community to think differently, to react differently and to reach differently.
I am excited to experience meeting new people, reconnection with ones I haven’t seen in some time and growing depth in my relationship with God by those interactions.

Please take a few moments to think through …. what or who is God calling you to become… how will people help you become that special person.

Be a light and hang on the journey is awesome.

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