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ISTEP.. is not a cuss word… it can be fruitful

I am sitting in a local community college… day two waiting for my daughter to finish the 3 hours of ISTEP (Indiana local test to see what the student knows compared to what they have been taught).

Is it a hassle? Yes
Is it a time strain and calendar juggling act? Yes and Yes
Will it be over soon? Yes
And will it come next year? Yes…

Well, as usual, it made me start thinking about my life and ministry… How often do we or should we be taking time to review how we are doing with our Christian Walk? God is working in all situations if we are willing to allow Him and let Him guide us in growth.

Allow me to expand this thought with a few questions:

1 Have you been in the Word?
b. Have you settled with just enough time or will you continually increase and challenge yourself with that time?

2. Have you been giving to the widows, poor and homeless?
b. Have you been spending less so you can give more? Have you decreased your stuff to give to others who don’t have the stuff.

3. Have you been kind to others, those strangers or people you occasionally come across?
b. Have you increased your kindness to your family.? Sisters, Brothers, kids, spouse, etc?

4. Have you been spending time in worship on Sunday? regardless of the music style?
b. Have you increased your worship in the week?  listening to worship tunes on the way to work or school?

5. Have you ignored some prompting from the Holy Spirit to take action?
No b… that is a continual struggle

I could add more and more, but this is a good start to check your spiritual gauges…..

Friends we are the light unto a dark world but also we are the hands and feet of Jesus… therefore we are the only light some might see.. Be a bright solid light that is consistent in your glow… don’t grow dull

Good luck with your test….

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