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Here comes the Boom

There was a movie out in 2012 that was about a teacher (Kevin James) needed to raise funds for their school, so he decided to do MMA (mixed martial arts)…. You will have to watch the movie to learn more.

It got me thinking, yeah I think a lot sometimes, about how we raise funds in Youth Ministry.
Most of the Youth Ministries… not all but most have a scheduled budget amount.
If you are from a bigger church, you submit an annual budget for your ministry, that then goes to the finance team who puts together the church budget and it is voted on etc.

The Following experiences have been in my history:

1. Get a budgeted amount, but the funds aren’t sufficient to fund it.

2. Get no budget, you raise or spend what you have…

3. Get a budget and over spend

4. Get a budget and use it to the penny…

I am not sure what season you find yourself in but we experience them all.
I wanted to address the well, we don’t have enough money to do what God is calling us to do.

We all have a sensitivity for sure to needing more money. I will share a couple ideas:
1. Ask congregation to give from the stage.. not that this is realistic but it is an idea.2. Find a couple of people who are sensitive to your ministry that will give
3. Find someone who is sensitive to your need.. maybe a band dude will buy you a drum kit etc.
4. Seek out a local business that will let you serve them and they will give you tip money>> for example
We live in a town that has a local pizza place. We approached them, well actually a former student who is a manager their asked me, to see if we could do a service project with them. They said, yes pick out a monthly day of the week, to come in with a designated amount of people to clean tables, pick up dishes and clean them. We benefit in three ways… money, serving the community and community awareness.
5. Charge a bit more for events that will help cover expenses, fuel, leaders, t-shirts etc.

I am sure the list could go on and on but the key is realizing you have far more access to funds than a church budget if you do your home work and get some creativeness in generating funds.. No one likes a whiner….

Good luck with your ministry and fund raising.

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