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Signing day… A New National Holiday… what can we learn from the experience?

I find it quite unusual and interesting that we almost have a national event called Signing day. A day were recruited high school football players go on the TV (ESPN U for example) to announce where they will be attending school for the projected next 4 years.
I am assuming they actually have to sign a commitment letter but could choose to move to a different college after the fact, or move through out their college career to the NFL or a different school.
I think this is funny. Why do we make such a big deal with kids choosing a college. But as usual, I turn to the church.. We are the very same within our Student Ministries aren’t we? We still declare what teens are attending our groups. What teens will be coming from our Children’s Ministries. What teens are moving into the community or from each other churches. I think this is sad really.
Why do we need to keep score? Some of those reasons is due to our church requiring us to justify our existence, for others it makes us feel important and yet others feel the conversions of Faith in Christ is what matters. I don’t know what line you fall under but I do have a few things I am learning by viewing this Signing Day…
1. Those signing are doing so with their family with them. It is a family decision…. how do we (you) minister to the family
2. Those signing speak to the uniqueness and connection they have with the college coaching staff while visiting.. how are you connecting the dots for your guests?
3. Those signing are showing their colors… How are you equipping your students to show their colors… do they represent your ministry inside as much as the t-shirt you give them? Do you have logo gear to sell or give away?
4. Those signing are willing and ready to put in the work and contribute to something bigger than themselves.. How are you allowing and equipping people to get plugged in and contributing?

I just feel personally challenged to step up my game and make sure I am looking for opportunities to connect the unconnected. I feel a challenge to make sure I am developing entry points where it is both safe and clear to the new recruit if you will.

Don’t waste all your work recruiting the student and family, by letting them go due to an oversight on your part. You put too much work into it and God wants you to minister to them.
Side note.. God doesn’t want you to be the church down he road or the minister down the road but the one he has you in and how he is wired you. Be you in the place you are.

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