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Sign in and Password, Please

I have now am the not so proud owner of 5 different email addresses.. Not of my own doing mind you. I also have way to many sign on and passwords to manage. with that all being said… it has me thinking about several things in life that we have to keep track of…. Take a minute to create a list of things you need to keep an eye on…

1. Your kids…. lol
2. Your keys.. which might be harder to find than your kids
3. Your sign ons and passwords
4. Your purse or wallet
5. Your schedule for school… especially with new classes starting up
6. Your keys…
7. Your socks.. well I always seem to be one sock short
8. Your shoes

well, you get the idea, we have some important things to remember …. meetings, grocery lists, sports events, the kids musical performance… well their instrument too…

What about your sign on and password….with God?

Based on the list below where would you find yourself…

1. MIA.. never seen it
2. Always on my mind
3. Never forget it.. it is an auto sign on throughout the day.
4. My friend has those things for me
5. On the shelf some place….

Well this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone… we make our priorities just that… important.

The things that matter we make happen.
I would suggest the following ideas:

1. Plan some time to make a short list of things that matter.
2. Stick to your guns… make the important things matter.
3. Get some support… I use a sign on and password tool… what tool could you use to help in your day to day commitments?
4. Get some more support… I Funnel all my email accounts into one place.. again what tools can you use to help you?

I think this is a good starter list… try to look at your own life and add some or remove some to create a solid success list of accomplishment potential.

Well I am off to get my list started and to set myself up for great success
As soon  as I figure out my sign on and password to the list maker…. grrrrhhh

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