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New Years Commitment

I like to think of New Years resolutions as New Years Commitment this year….

I know many people across the world will make resolutions….

1. Lose weight…  get to eating right or maybe start a diet plan
2. Exercise more..  the one time of the year gyms make their money… yeah get a membership but don’t go
3. Read some books… Amazon, Ibook.. or just go old school with some hard cover, real pages..  stack the books on the shelves to collect dust.
4. Spend more time with family and less at work.. until our work schedule just gets to demanding then we are out.
and I am sure more and more can be added to the list
I am sure this one thing crosses all religion, all races, genders and ages.. It is something we all agree on.. make a resolution or not… but we all know about them…

It has been in my mind for a few weeks. I am preparing for a sermon for January 4th and it is something I will be addressing and teaching on. So.. what if we as people changed some words around?

I think I will make the following New Years Commitments…

1. Lose weight.. I have to get a system that will help me for the long haul.
2. Exercise more… I have to be intentional and get someone to support me.. a trainer.
3. Read more books… yes, maybe even books on commitment… and read in the morning with your coffee time.
4. Family time.. Make sure you organize your calendar and schedule time away from work, even if you work from home.

I know this will all work for more people.. Due to a simple word change…
We go from resolution to commitment… that brings a new meaning and emotion to completing our tasks or commitments.

I would encourage each person reading this to switch words throughout the year and allow yourself to pick words that will drive you to complete the things you hope to in 2015.. Good Luck

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