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Who wants to be heard? Everyone does

 ear Are you like  me? Do you wonder if you are being heard? I think we encounter many people who just want to be heard… for example:

Senior Citizens.. want others to invest in.. and be heard
Married with children (parents).. want others to support them… and be heardNewly weds.. want to know they are starting their marriage out right… and be heard.
College graduates.. want to know someone realizes they graduated and need a job.. and be heard.
Teenagers.. making life decisions for their future.. and be heard.
Babies.. have smaller needs but big voices, want to be cared for.. and be heard.
Your Credit Card Company sends mail every month.. and be heard.
God who created you wants to be heard.
I can imagine, you are like me and want to be heard.

So, as a leader who continually hears people do you go to to be heard?

I confess to feeling the need to be heard often. The idea of hearing people is a privilege but also tiring and we need to be charged back up and be heard. I am a people person by nature and I have some triggers in mind that tells me to be heard. Here are a few tips or suggestions for you to be heard:

  • Spend time in the WORD. God is the giver of all things
  • Find a group of like minded people to connect with. The National Network of Youth Ministers is a great place to start.
  • Find a fellow Youth Worker (or someone in your career field) to connect with often. Someone who invests into you equally.

Get time away from the action of life to recharge.

My hope is we can live in a world where we all are heard and listen too.

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