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worship with you hands down or your heart full….

We sing songs all the time.. but do we know and understand the meaning of the songs we sing. We quote them on Instagram, and other media sources but do we really know what that means? I don’t think we do.. 
I am becoming more sensitive to the words or lyrics of the songs we listen to and sing over the past few months and weeks. I had to finally write something about it today… 

During our weekly church service two things occured…

1. A young lady in our Student Ministry sang a special music (the song that is done just before the preacher gets up to preach). She sang a song about wanting to be a fire for Jesus. It was a good song… nothing special but what got me in the heart was the passion, conviction and expectation with which the young lady sang with. I felt and knew she was singing this song as a testimony to the whole world… She would be the one to shine bright for Christ.. She was ready and willing to do it …

2. Our praise team lead us into a song about raising our hands in praise.. It goes something like this.. We lift our hands in praise to you we worship with our hands lifted high in praise… funny part is not a single person in my view was doing it… it was sad really since we are singing about lifting our hands in praise.. but didn’t lift them… lip service or what?

As I sit down to the finally hours of my night.. i reflect on the two experiences… and do a simply compare and contrast 

same audience.. even one of the same singers.. the young lady help with worship singing today too… the same building… the same lighting and graphics…. the same congregation and church

but the difference in my opinion was the heart… we as a congregation didn’t have the same heart as this young lady.. some in the audience didn’t like the contemporary music, others didn’t like the band playing, others didn’t like someone sitting in their seat or maybe they didn’t like the idea of being in church today… I am not sure the list is exhausted either… but the heart of this one young lady wasn’t any of those things.. It reflected a true love and joy for Christ…. that happened to be expressed through a song…

I am challenged then to examine my heart and ask the questions… is my love for Christ bigger than church politics, is it bigger than a building, job, career or even style of worship? Is my love for christ so deep and on fire that it moves me to express it in every way possible?

I admit to most days being one of those people who sing about lifting the hands but not doing so… and on a rare occasion I get it right and show my inner love for Christ as the young lady did through  her song… I know I long to have a heart that worships God in every situation and challenge life brings.
I am thankful or a 9th grade student who is willing to risk singing in front of a church of hands in your pockets type of people when her whole heart is lifting praise to her God. I am thankful for the reminder to enjoy being set on fire for Christ and being able to express that each day.

Thanks to the very special and obedient child of the one true King who is willing to lift her hands and heart in praise of the God she loves.  I am a better worshipper due to that experience ….. Amen

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