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Teach (think) outside of the box

Recently, I was talking to a friend about some youth ministry product and the designed use of it.. which was as a small group or Sunday School class where the teacher has the lesson and presents (well it is meant to be interactive but you get the point) the material to the students.
I wanted to take some students to a deeper level of teaching and began to experiment with the same material. I printed and added notes, underline here comments and other add-ins to the lesson and made copies to hand out to the students.
It was a risk but worth taking since I knew some students needed to go from a 100 level course to a 300 level range… It was a great risk and worked great. The students embraced the material, took it home and even discussed their thoughts on the lesson.
I say all of this simply to challenge you to think out side of the box when it comes to how and what you teach. We have been given the ability to adapt and evolve our teaching, presenting etc… so take an educated risk and start something new by implementing something old with a new twist. It could and will bring new life to what your students (audience) is hearing….
Good luck and know prayer is important in the process as well..
For some awesome resources check out… and check out the Live material for sure… it rocks. and say Hi to Matty McCage too.

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