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What keeps us comfortable, keeps us ineffective

I am beginning to view things, experiences, examples and life in a different way. I guess my lenses are changing color a bit.
I had the privilege of attending a Mission Session at my church today, that unfortunately was way under attended. Sometimes that doesn’t seem to matter but today is one event where it did.
The main speaker really was passionate about God, compassionate in his communication style and dealing with the audience and powerful in prayer and focus. I was completely refreshed and challenged in respect to how I view missions and my relationship with God.
He touched three main areas in a believers life in regards to missions… our money, our focus and our dreams. He really spent a great deal of time encouraging us to grow our God time, dream without letting money distract us, and then put it all into action. I felt we learned a lot but look forward to working this in the life of the Student Ministries.
Please spend sometime growing your Faith, dreaming big and acting with a community of people you enjoy being with. With a willing heart God will move through us to minister and help others in need.

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