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Hump day

hump dayWednesday.. or as of late better known as Hump Day… the day that marks the middle of the week for school and work, unless you are a youth minister or work for a church… then it is just Wednesday… However, most of the Youth Ministries I know host activities on Wednesday night and we do as well… for a total of 24 weeks during the school year. Our small group ministry happens in full force during the 24 weeks and we end it with a see you next year for smalls, don’t forget to attend xyz…But what do we do when those days are completed?  I have a few suggestions and ideas:

1. Send a text to them to encourage them during the day.. many text service out there allow you to create them to send at preset times and days.. this is an easy tool to use and manage.

2. Have an Instagram challenge day. Post the worst lunch item on Wednesday and win a free lunch or maybe gift card to a restaurant of your liking.

3. Group forum or Discussion group, create a social group where you can throw out a topic and chat about.. Be careful to be safe in this area. No need to get in trouble with your Child protection Guidelines

4. Ice Cream Challenge: take a few weeks over the month to visit different local ice cream places, have the students judge which they like best. Once the winner is chosen send them a card thanking them for their great ice cream. It will make their day and might  possibly offer you some discount or future support that might come in handy. We have a place to gives us discount ice cream every time we come in. They are awesome.

5. Movie night. Maybe this gap can be used to hang out, watch a cool movie and have a discussion on it.


I know there are many more ways to connect with students in new and unique ways that really are not budget busters and still can provide some awesome contact time. Whatever you choose to do, do something.  Connecting is important outside of the normal routines in life.


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