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Teaming up to leave a legacy.. but not yours!

What if you were given a job, an opportunity or a gift? What would you do? Would you react immediately and take it? Would you think about it for a few minutes then decide?
What if the giver mentioned the importance of this gift and how it will impact those coming behind you?
I am sure this has you thinking….. maybe about presents or gifts or the ideal job or opportunity but you would be wrong.
I am talking about leaving a legacy…
For this post I want to talk about leaving a legacy in sports. I have the privilege of supporting our local high school’s girl’s basketball teams. Well to be honest it is all about supporting the coaches and coming along side them to help with their legacy.
I feel this is something God has placed in my path and I readily embrace it with great importance and focus. Allow me to explain and then challenge you:
The explanation…
1. God allowed me to be relational.
2. God put me in the path of the coaching staff.. actually the Head Coach.
3. Coach and I met over the idea of encouraging the players as athletes, students and future world changers
4. I offered to support the coach in anyway I could
5. Several seasons later… and still encouraging
6. I am excited to see the fruit of the coaches efforts and see the future being bright.
The Challenge:
1. What gifts did God give you that might help others be a legacy maker?
2. Who in your community…. yeah not the church or your office but the community?
3. What is their dream and how can you help them in the venture to accomplish it?
4. Okay, throw out a pitch….
you need to do your part to be prepared and ready. God will use you in mighty ways to minister to a whole population of people.
I will close with this comment…
I am not about any hidden agenda. I am focused on building a relationship with the coaching staff and their goals. Playing my part to help them leave a legacy.
Okay.. So, get on with it already!

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