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Perspective… even for the Prom

We just experienced our annual school event. It happens once a year in most high schools across America. The Prom!
Yes, that event where girls spend an entire day getting the nails done, getting an up dew.. (though I don’t understand the idea of an up dew.. paying money for someone to put your hair up with bobby pins). The up dew does look awesome though. Girls spending weeks finding the right dress and then getting it tailored to fit just right.
Guys seem to be a different machine in this one.. They rent at tux, get a flower for the girl and get ready about 20 minutes prior to meeting for pictures….
The pictures are an event along with dinner and the actual prom, which lasts about 3 hours. Our community is smart and hosts an after prom which runs from 11:30PM to about 4AM.
I find the whole process interesting, then I became a dad of a Junior in High School who attended the prom with a friend.. The pictures and story changed quickly. I brought her to get the up dew, it took 2-3 hours, and turned out awesome. She went to a friends to get ready . Mom and I drove over for pictures and they were off… to the prom.
I must admit to a brief moment of fear… concern and the reality that my baby is no longer a baby but a beautiful, gifted, special and awesome young lady. She is a special girl. Someone who I am very proud of and know she will be an impact player in her future.

Take a minute to think about perspective! How do things seem different when you are looking at them from a different perspective… for example:
you go to the hospital to visit a friend… compared to you being visited
you have a friends who’s child with special needs… compared to you having one
your friend has both parents die … compared to when your mom or dad passes away
your spouse is a product of divorce… and your not or vas versa..
you attend a friends child funeral . compared to finding out your child has terminal cancer…
I am a firm believer perspective matters… I am thankful for the times in life when I have experienced tragedy in my life. It has shaped me into a deeper compassionate person and God uses me in a different way as a result of them.
How about you? How has your life experience shaped you? How has it changed how you do life?
Please know I am walking the journey of raising teenagers with you, studying for exams, trying to get the work done before vacation starts, being a dad that has no clue how to do it, and walking in a marriage that has its share of perspective built within in..
May you know the journey is as important as the destination.

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