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Tune your ear in

Are you among the hoard of people who only listen to, follow or are led by people you like?
Are you a person who is willing to be stretched by people you don’t like as much?
I have been in communications for a long long time. I have experienced seasons of life where certain people rubbed me wrong so I didn’t listen to them… Joyce Meyer, anyone from Ohio State (lol), certain teachers at Fruitport High School, Muskegon Community College and way to many in the work force.. The reason I didn’t want to listen to them often was what they said, sometimes how they said it but usually it came down to who they were….
I have grown in my understanding of this in my life and praying and stretching myself to be a whole learner, not just I like this person learner.
I feel this is an issue that crosses denominational boundaries, secular boundaries and within the average home and workplace.
We do not have enough space to write down all the examples I have to share but a few are simple…
church… I don’t like that speaker.. so I skip
Work.. He or she is the boss.. so I ignore
School… well they are only doing it for the money… so I skip
Home.. she or he doesn’t give me what I want or listens to me the way I want … so I disengage.
Community… well that cop is crooked… so I speed

I am not sure where you are on the subject but I know it is an on going fight for me to find growth through every communication I have. I can no longer throw a fit and tantrum when I don’t get what I want or hear what I want to hear.
I challenge each reader to expand yourself, maybe not throw all those you like away but to add one you don’t. Maybe take a brief moment to hear them before you zombie out?
I don’t know about you, but I am done not learning through people I need to learn from.

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