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How free to speak are you?

youthworker journalI have been reading the Jan. Feb. 2014 Youthworker Journal. The article was about being tongue-tied but not thumb-tied.
The article was all about teens, college students and (I feel adults) have no problem communicating via text message. So much so, they feel it is a trend where 63% of teens text daily.
I am beginning to see something that is also mentioned in a different article in the same magazine..
The freedom we have via social medias to take off our filter.. You know the filter of should I say or not say that. This is a factor that I believe is contributing to our lack of respect of others, elders, people of authority and so on.
I wonder how much harm is being done and what the cost is for our world. I think social media is a good thing if used appropriately but I am not sure we as a world have a good grasp of the importance of thinking through our conversations in advance.
I am sure this will be played out throughout our future… in interviews for jobs, when we are seeking to communicate with our significant other, our kids, the neighbors, people waiting on us in he stores, and eating establishments we will visit.
I pose a question or two to think about..
1. What can we (you, I) do to help put the filter of how this post, comment or word will effect others? God says speak words with wisdom.
2. What can we (you, I ) do to help others make positive impacts in the lives of others?
3. What should we (you, I) do when someone drops the rude bomb of comment on us, or sends us a text that isn’t appropriate?

I know it might feel like an up hill battle to protect the conversations we share with others but it is a battle worth fighting.
Good luck with repairing, replacing or finding your filter.

Do unto others the things you would have them do to you…
think before you speak

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