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Busy Life at Kroger

I am blogging today from Starbucks.. Yeah, I know big surprise but it is what it is..
As I sit drinking my usual, I begin to people watch some. Yes, at the expense of me getting my work done but I enjoy doing it from time to time.
I am watching people from all walks of life pushing a cart, or carrying a basket to get some supplies. It reminds me of sheep traveling to and fro in a big herd.
I see some people I know and others for the first time but one thing unites them all… they are on a mission.
I wonder how many of them are burdened with heavy life stuff, maybe a failing marriage, or a big test coming, maybe some are dealing with debt so great they can barely breathe, others might be dealing with a big business situation. I am sure at times I fit into all of their shoes.
How is God working in and through these situations to get their and my attention?
How is God using those around them pushing their carts or carrying their basket to help them if they only would look?
How is God using them to shape and impact me as I sit and watch them go by?
I often come to realize that God is always reaching, touching and impacting us through the people we meet, shop with and do life around… But do we really get it?
Do we take time to stop and listen?
Do we take time to seek the Creator in each aspect of our lives? Or just on Sunday AM, or when we need it?
I am struggling through this concept each and everyday… I cling to the fact that God created all things good for those who Love Him…. Hope you do too..

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