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Discipleship, Mentor, Teacher, Coach or World Changer Creators… Whatever you call it, actions matter.

Discipleship… It is an over defined term in the church but equally use in the world… coaches do it, as do teachers, driver’s education instructors. It can even be found in the military.
I have heard it referred to as coaching, mentoring, instructing, etc.
What ever or how ever you refer to it, one thing is for sure.. the importance of the word in minimal compared to the impact the action provides…. or lacks depending on good the mentoring or discipleship is.

I wanted to throw out a couple of thoughts on the subject.
1.A mentor is only as good as their knowledge.. we will only learn a percentage of what the mentor knows.
2. A mentor is leading by example.. one’s action is louder than their words. Be careful to practice what you preach.
3. A mentor is encouraging and confronting… We have to be balanced in our efforts.
4. The win in our team is important but is it more important than the process, practices, and losses that can help us grow
5. We all have been mentored by someone at some point in our up bringing… think for a minute… who has invested in you? a teacher, coach, parents, and pastors…

I could really to go on and on with some thoughts but the bottom factor for me is the reality that I am an example for someone, to someone. I might not think I am a role model or whatever word you use to define it but I am..
My actions matter to people and will carry much weight as we grow and lead.
Be a mentor takes time, energy and often late night phone calls form those we disciple but the bottom line is: It is worth the time and energy to help create world changers… Be a world changer creator

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