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We all have junk in our heads. This is mine.

Dealing with defeat

LoserYou are undefeated and it looks like you will finish the season but you lose a fluke game. You have perfect attendance going since 1st grade and you miss school due to a bad cold. You have successfully completed ever job requirement the boss asks of you and out of the blue… you lose all the data for a project because your computer breaks. You have done a great job with every presentation (that would be 24) and then a simple upgrade to your program and whamo… you lose it all just before the presentation time. You have written an entire paper (blog) and the last thing to do is hit save but you accidently hit delete entire page… Yeah I did this today… ouch So what do you do? How do you respond? Do you throw a fit? Do you just shake it off? I am pretty confident we are empowered to do the right thing. I am pretty sure embedded in our inner soul we know we can get through this and many more obstacles in life. 1. Take some time to evaluate and improve. We are designed to learn from our experiences. 2. Try again, yep I said try again. Keep trying, experimenting until you get it right. 3. Hit the save button. I am not just talking about computer save buttons. We can hit save and remember for future experiences. 4. Help others.  One of the best ways to recover from a loss in our own lives is to help others in their time of loss. 5. Laugh. Yes just take a moment to laugh. Things happen and laughing wont change them but it may help us lose the bad attitude. 6. Go get some help. We all have someone in our life that encourages us. Find them and hang out with them. They will give us a boost to get back in the game. I know we are wired to grow, thrive and succeed in life. We will travel through life with a good or bad attitude. It is really up to each of us to determine our course of action… will you stay a loser and let that lose define you or bounce back and try again. I truly hope you choose to bounce back and get back in the game. Win BIG.. Don’t allow all of your victories to be meaningless and all the future wins to fade away.  Get in the game. You can do it.

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