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Winter Break, Long weekend, taking time off?

Yeah, we look forward to taking breaks. We take look forward to long weekends, the occasional show day, a day of escape from practice. I know we look forward to snow days, long vacations and even a few moments of nap time.
What about leaving your Faith? Do we ever fall into the issue of leaving that behind too?
I think we all can relate to this one from time to time, don’t you?
Here are a few things that I have discovered. Things (warnings) that give me a clue how I am doing in my faith journey. You might be thinking… well I am not a person of faith. I feel this is okay, but realize we are all on a faith journey.
Here is a small list of caution checks I use:
1. I spend less time reading my bible and more time reading non educational, spiritual books.
2. I spend less time watching uplifting movies and more time watching ones that aren’t.
3. I spend less time encouraging others and more time thinking of myself.
4. I spend less time around people and more time alone, isolated.
5. I spend less time listening to worship or uplifting music and more time listening to secular music.
6. I spend less time resting (you know getting to bed on time, etc) and more time running from thing to thing.
I am sure you can add some things to my list. I am sure some of them I should consider adding.

How can we use these guides to help us stay on track in our faith?
I am confident, we can all take the time to consider what breaks do for and to us. I would encourage you to simply check your day to day activities and check to see how they are positively or negatively impacting your life now and in the future.

It is a new year and we are offered a new chance to set new (some times false expectations) years resolutions. Have a faith filled day.

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