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Voice Time

We live in this crazy world of communication. I know communication has been a focal point since the beginning of time (Genesis 1-2 God communicated in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve) and over the years that core has stayed the same but the tools of communication have changed..
Raido, TV, VHS, Cassettes, CD’s. DVD’s and now we are moving into smart phones and twitter…
It is in this season of communication that concerns me. It isn’t the voices communicating, it isn’t the fact we are communicating but the idea of instant communications.
The communications are in a form that reach friends, families and then 10,000 people in less than a minute.
The concern is we are communicating messages in a rapid and fast paced way that is cool but when we are communicating in ways that are not connectional but send a very deep connected message to people. I am concerned that people will send a comment or reply or a simple quote without the relational side of it being present.
I am concerned that our people are quickly loosing the ability to communicate face to face.
I am more concerned that our people have the freedom to speak their mind without the relationship there simply said, they say what they feel and think without the filter of having to say it face to face.
I am not saying social media is bad, nor do I feel email, texting are bad. But I do have concern that we are being careless in our communication through those medias and hope our send now button will have a think about it a minute do you really want to say that, is it good to say that and how is this shaping the people (oh the people will see it even if you send it to one) who read or see it.

Friends please pause before you reply… in person, in social medias and in your head.

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