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The Big Punt… be flexible.. have a plan

October 6th, 2013
Everything is all set…
the location is ready
the food is ready
the communications have been sent out and ready
the games are ready…

But the weather isn’t…..
We had an awesome event scheduled for our students to participate in and bring some friends.
It is/was our annual hay ride, for us a big event which would gather about 50 students and 10 adult leaders.

So, why the blog post …? Good question…

Our plan was to have an awesome event and good safe fun but it wasn’t in the weather for that day and I had to make a call to post pone the event and more…
call the host and let them know it is cancelled… done
text service (we use the tools modules from Simply Youth Ministry) was sent out… done
food stored … done
emailed students…. done
social media (twitter, facebook) … done
new date is established … done
but we still missed the mark!

we had four sets of people still show up and were ready to have a fun hay ride.
So, how do we over communicate and still miss some people?

I am not sure I know the answer to that one but I know in the near future I will be making some adjustments to my systems of communication.

Hope you can find a way to navigate through the ever challenging world of communications.
Here are a few steps I will take in the short term…
1. Utilize our social media tools and connections
2. Encourage all to subscribe to the service
3. Revamp the web site to be much more simple and user friendly  (we will have one page instead of three)
4. Make a phone chain.. using student and adult leaders
5. have host place make a sign to communicate the change to the event

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