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Opening Day Fan Fare

I have moved into a community that richly values…. the great opening day events in life… ie.. Reds opening day.
I find the festivities interesting to say the least. I appreciate a parade, the players waving from cars, the team getting ready to play the game, not just any game it is the first game of the season. high hopes for a full season of no loses… Yeah High hopes.

I begin to think and process this as I was watching some of the parade and most of the extra inning event called opening day. Then my mind turned too faith.
How often do we take the time to make a big deal with the parade (preshow) the actual event (the game) and extra innings?
1. Do we spend adequate time preparing for life? How is our off season going? Do you lift your weights (bible study)? Do you spend time in the weight room, with the trainer getting equipped, with the team encouraging each other for the first game?
2. Do you spend adequate time praying, praising and preparing for the first game?
3. Do you spend adequate time in the field? You know what I mean.. do you spend time reaching out to the people in the world.. at the store, at school, in the line to a gas station?

I am not about to admit to having it all together, or having the ability to answer all the answers I pose above. I do believe I am a work in process much like each of you are. I am excited to see God working in our lives and in developing our tools to use in relationship with Christ.

Well, The idea behind this is simply getting the idea of opening day events. I would encourage you to take each Sunday (or Saturday Night) you worship to tackle some of the above ideas. I will be praying for you as we reach towards Christ in all we do, think and say

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