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Who has your Back? Seriously, who?

I had the privilege of spending a weekend ( Feb. 28-Mar. 4) called Simply Youth Ministry Conference (SYMC). I would estimate about 6000 People attend, serve or work the conference. There are people all over the world coming, which gets me to thinking How many of them have someone’s back. You know what I mean? Who are you praying for? Who are you encouraging? Who are you sharing life with?
Allow me to share some thoughts:
The SYMC an Group staff work there butts off for months, weeks and days to create an experience. They design things, discuss things and set things up so you the Youth Worker will have the experience of a life time. They also spend the weekend smiling, talking to and getting pictures with about every attendee in the place. They do it with love, heart and passion. They are committed to having your back. They are up early with smiles and high fives. They stay engaged all day, into the night and dont forget they still have work to do… there job for Group/SYMC. They stay til the last person leaves the venue and proceed (I assume) to debrief their days or programming and set up for the next day.
I have the privilege of having some of the staff members backs… not because they are super stars of the industry (though they are), not because they are cool people but primarily because they are my friends. They have families, challenges and ministries to run and serve at. They have victories and loses in life. They have good times and bad..
The bottom line for me is having their BACK.
I pray that it ministers, inspires and encourages them through the busy days of SYMC but throughout the year.
Challenge for you….
WHO DO YOU HAVE? Who’s back do you have?
Who is in the process of having your back?

SYMC/Group team who has given me the privilege and honor of having your back. I wanted to thank you for allowing me the honor of having it….
God Bless and get your back work on

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