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The Mentor to create mentors

Today while at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I had the privilege of sitting in a worship on developing student leaders. I would say Dan Webster and Tony Schwartz did an awesome job of walking through the process of building, growing and developing leaders (both young and old). Tony is so influential in his leadership he invited a former student, who now is in his early 20s, to come hang out.. but he needed to wear a tie since it was a tie event… little did the poor guy Tyler know he was messing with him and was the only one wearing a tie… I wonder if some of the youth workers at the conference packed tooth brushes and socks… and this dude shows up in a tie.. Now that is impact and don’t feel sorry for Tyler. I encouraged him to let Tony take him to dinner… at an expensive place..
As the night progressed I realized two things… leadership, discipleship is contagious. How ever you lead them they will do the same. I want to be the guy who has students coming back and sharing time with me when they are 20.
Secondly, Dan had invested in Tony and some other boys, who in turn invested in other guys. One of those guy’s name is Dave Corsten. Who I consider to me a great friend. You see our paths crossed in Grand Haven Michigan at a church we called CLC.. I was coming off a tough run with a church and was ready to throw in the youth ministry towel and Dave said no man you need to get back in the game.. I heard his words but knew his love for me as a friend and listened.
That was 12 years ago.
I hope you will be that person in someone’s life. The person who will see the big picture and invest in students.
Be the Mentor you are designed to be

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