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Impact Player

Who has impacted your life? I mean it.. Who has made an impact on you? Both the good and bad?Dave Fisher, a high school math teacher, coach of the basketball team. He was the guy who impacted me. How did he impact me? Here are a few ways:
 1.Mr. Fisher helped me learn math… he would offer extra time one on one to tutor me. Oh, I still to this day hate math but took him for three years, That says something.
2. He helped me be a better basketball player.. well my career high game was 4 points. but we would spend time playing horse or a weird version of knock out.. I never won.
3. He showed me acceptance.. Yes I wasn’t your average teenage boy. I always struggled to fit in. He helped me by offering a safe place to be. I felt great around him. He was an impact player to me.

So, take some time today to think through the data bank of people in your life. Make a list of your impact players and send them a letter of thanks and then be an impact player for someone else.


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