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Really you are a people person

Arriving Thursday to the SYMC in Indy and I Am home with youth workers who I call friend and family. Those people across the country who I respect, appreciate and listen too
But I am still me, an out going pastoral type who is full on encourager and avid people watcher
So I am setting down watching and I find the process fun, Revealing and somewhat disturbing. Please allow me to explain:
Some people share a smile, others are lost in themselves and yet others are out looking to share, connect be.
As a nation 2600 youth workers coming to the conference, I wonder how many will be lost in themselves? How many will be looking to connect? How many will take the time to say thank you to the hotel staff, those selling them a coffee or burger?
You see we need to be ministered to and be a ministering to others but where is the line drawn between all
Me or all You? I think that has to be determined by our season of life and
Prompting from the Holy Spirit The one thing that is required no matter the season or mood or location. We need
to remember we are children of God and His example tithe world all the time

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