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Being a Side Kick isn’t a bad thing!

side kicks and helpers

side kicks and helpers

We studied Robin the Boy wonder last night during our Super Hero series. The big question was based on Robin being a side kick. Is being a side kick good or bad?
We spent some time talking about being a helper or the helpee, both are needed in life to make things worth living. Sometimes you might be the leader and other times the follower both are necessary.
We looked at two sets of scripture.. one from the Old Testament and one in the New Testament. They are as follows:
Genesis 2:18 God said, “it is not good for Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion. God had the intent for man to have a helper in the form of a woman but I think we can extend that out a bit and say we need friends, supports and council. Those things are awesome really!
Hebrews 13:6 So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper, I will not fear, What can man do to me?” If God is my helper in life, how can I go wrong? He has sent me a helper in the Holy Spirit.

I challenged the group of students and leaders and now you… to look for two different people who you can help.
1. Which one of your friends need your help?
2. Who in your life (maybe co-worker, classmate, teammate) that you do not know well needs your help?
This is a tough one for sure. It is easy to help someone we know and like but what about people who don’t fit our social, economical or religious view points? They are the ones we need to reach out to and help.
So, I hereby challenge you to find two people to be a helper for… one you know and one you know you need to help.

God has blessed us with tons of people to help us and guide us, maybe it is your turn to pay it forward.

Free to Be Me

I have been doing some serious reflecting over the past two days. I am not sure if it is necessary but I am enjoying the process. I had a great four days hanging out with, ministering alongside and worshiping with youth workers from all around the world.
I would say most of them have it going on better than I do. I can assume some are better evangelist, others have to be better worship leaders (since I don’t lead worship), still others are better at praying, stalking etc.. you get the point. I am sure many of you can relate to me. I am not saying I feel bad or good about the realization of others being better than me at things, it’s just a matter of truth.
I thought about this for some time and to be honest I really struggled with the fact… I am not the greatest at anything but being me.. It is nice to know I am the only me alive, which makes it easier for me to be the best at it. Okay, back on topic
I am a firm believer that God has provided you and me with the best skill set and talents and passions to be the best me I can be. It is pretty simple, God created one of you (Me) and that is it. I would be wrong not to encourage you to forget what others are (with exception to watching them to better us) and focus on who you are and what you have to give to the world.
I am a work in process and often need to be reminded that God has designed me to be me.
I want to encourage each of you to be the best you that you are able to be. Bottom line You rock at you.. but stink at being others.
I hope to spend more time writing on this topic in the future. Please practice being you.!!

Who has your Back? Seriously, who?

I had the privilege of spending a weekend ( Feb. 28-Mar. 4) called Simply Youth Ministry Conference (SYMC). I would estimate about 6000 People attend, serve or work the conference. There are people all over the world coming, which gets me to thinking How many of them have someone’s back. You know what I mean? Who are you praying for? Who are you encouraging? Who are you sharing life with?
Allow me to share some thoughts:
The SYMC an Group staff work there butts off for months, weeks and days to create an experience. They design things, discuss things and set things up so you the Youth Worker will have the experience of a life time. They also spend the weekend smiling, talking to and getting pictures with about every attendee in the place. They do it with love, heart and passion. They are committed to having your back. They are up early with smiles and high fives. They stay engaged all day, into the night and dont forget they still have work to do… there job for Group/SYMC. They stay til the last person leaves the venue and proceed (I assume) to debrief their days or programming and set up for the next day.
I have the privilege of having some of the staff members backs… not because they are super stars of the industry (though they are), not because they are cool people but primarily because they are my friends. They have families, challenges and ministries to run and serve at. They have victories and loses in life. They have good times and bad..
The bottom line for me is having their BACK.
I pray that it ministers, inspires and encourages them through the busy days of SYMC but throughout the year.
Challenge for you….
WHO DO YOU HAVE? Who’s back do you have?
Who is in the process of having your back?

SYMC/Group team who has given me the privilege and honor of having your back. I wanted to thank you for allowing me the honor of having it….
God Bless and get your back work on

The Mentor to create mentors

Today while at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. I had the privilege of sitting in a worship on developing student leaders. I would say Dan Webster and Tony Schwartz did an awesome job of walking through the process of building, growing and developing leaders (both young and old). Tony is so influential in his leadership he invited a former student, who now is in his early 20s, to come hang out.. but he needed to wear a tie since it was a tie event… little did the poor guy Tyler know he was messing with him and was the only one wearing a tie… I wonder if some of the youth workers at the conference packed tooth brushes and socks… and this dude shows up in a tie.. Now that is impact and don’t feel sorry for Tyler. I encouraged him to let Tony take him to dinner… at an expensive place..
As the night progressed I realized two things… leadership, discipleship is contagious. How ever you lead them they will do the same. I want to be the guy who has students coming back and sharing time with me when they are 20.
Secondly, Dan had invested in Tony and some other boys, who in turn invested in other guys. One of those guy’s name is Dave Corsten. Who I consider to me a great friend. You see our paths crossed in Grand Haven Michigan at a church we called CLC.. I was coming off a tough run with a church and was ready to throw in the youth ministry towel and Dave said no man you need to get back in the game.. I heard his words but knew his love for me as a friend and listened.
That was 12 years ago.
I hope you will be that person in someone’s life. The person who will see the big picture and invest in students.
Be the Mentor you are designed to be

Impact Player

Who has impacted your life? I mean it.. Who has made an impact on you? Both the good and bad?Dave Fisher, a high school math teacher, coach of the basketball team. He was the guy who impacted me. How did he impact me? Here are a few ways:
 1.Mr. Fisher helped me learn math… he would offer extra time one on one to tutor me. Oh, I still to this day hate math but took him for three years, That says something.
2. He helped me be a better basketball player.. well my career high game was 4 points. but we would spend time playing horse or a weird version of knock out.. I never won.
3. He showed me acceptance.. Yes I wasn’t your average teenage boy. I always struggled to fit in. He helped me by offering a safe place to be. I felt great around him. He was an impact player to me.

So, take some time today to think through the data bank of people in your life. Make a list of your impact players and send them a letter of thanks and then be an impact player for someone else.


Really you are a people person

Arriving Thursday to the SYMC in Indy and I Am home with youth workers who I call friend and family. Those people across the country who I respect, appreciate and listen too
But I am still me, an out going pastoral type who is full on encourager and avid people watcher
So I am setting down watching and I find the process fun, Revealing and somewhat disturbing. Please allow me to explain:
Some people share a smile, others are lost in themselves and yet others are out looking to share, connect be.
As a nation 2600 youth workers coming to the conference, I wonder how many will be lost in themselves? How many will be looking to connect? How many will take the time to say thank you to the hotel staff, those selling them a coffee or burger?
You see we need to be ministered to and be a ministering to others but where is the line drawn between all
Me or all You? I think that has to be determined by our season of life and
Prompting from the Holy Spirit The one thing that is required no matter the season or mood or location. We need
to remember we are children of God and His example tithe world all the time

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