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Put a filter on it friend

We live in a social media saturated world and I get that. I actually embrace and enjoy the blessing of being connected but I do have some subtle concerns. Where is the filter.?
I have several opportunities to communicate… through sharing devotions with our senior citizens, motivating a local high school girls basketball team, posting on this blog, writing for Group Magazine, a conversation with students, parents, sermons, Sunday School lessons and other meetings.
I also have a twitter account, facebook, google plus and few other social media applications / accounts.
One thing that continually comes back to my face is filters… Our society is now taking the social media to a whole new level. Teenagers and College students are leading the charge but is it at an expense?
I am blessed to be connected with a couple hundred students and college students through various means. I am concerned with the worlds lack of filters…
We are moving into a realm of speak your mind without thinking through your thoughts. I am seeing more and more people using the social media world as a venting place, a place to strike out at someone who we are angry or disappointed with. My concern is two fold.
1. Communication not being done face to face offers so many challenges… How do we know if our message is getting across to the other person? Have we given or offered enough time for them to reply or react? What are we doing to grow the friendship or repair the wound in future interactions?
Generally using the social media world, we send a message to all our followers, bringing them into the discussion or creating worry that they did something wrong when they haven’t.
Generally we are communicating a specific issue to a group of people who have no clue what we are talking about.
Generally but not always, we are trying to express ourselves to a person who really has no clue to the effect.
2. Missed the relationship.. We have no worries about expressing our feelings, opinions openly in the social media world but what price is being paid? When we communicate are we midnful of the other people listening? Are we taking the time to relax and think through our words as to help the situation or not? Are we doing our part in being a listener?

I am not saying the social media world is good or bad. What I am saying is we need to do our part to make sure all our communication, socially or face to face is being done in a way that helps us bring understanding to our voice.
I pray we live in the real world and social media world with no regrets….

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