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What can we learn from Netflix, and others?

I have been watching some Netflix as of late, due to the generous gift of a secret giver who blessed us with 6 months of free service.
We have been watching a variety of new shows…. Well new to us. We don’t have a dish or cable tv so all the shows on Netflix are pretty much new to us. I know most people have already watched them and weekly watch the current shows as they air new but not us.
So, what does this have to do with Christianity or leadership in youth ministry. I think more than meets the eye….
Most Christians read the bible, know the stories and been there done that for ever but what about the new believers? Are they seeing the bible stories for the fist time, getting a first time look at the bible? I think so… Maybe we need to start looking at the bible from a new eyes perspective.
Go ahead and check out Netflix or your paid video service, try to watch a show you haven’t seen and then use the same energy of discovery to read a story from the bible.
Maybe it is time to challenge those under our leadership to take a new look at some old writings?

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