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Rubix Cubed or Not Rubix Cubed

I have yet rubix cubeto fully solve a Rubix cube. This might not seem like a big deal but I have owned one since the 1980’s. We have students in our ministry that can actually solve a cube in 1 minute or less. I have a friend at the church who I know was in my office when the Cube on my desk is solved. (He can solve it in about 2-3 minutes). PS. At which time I promptly mix it up thinking I can solve it, only to fail yet again. Our local high school had a Rubix Cube Club. You guessed it they sit around during the day and solve cubes, well they try to beat each other in time. Some of those students actually have gone to participate in Rubix Cube tournaments. What makes some people get it and others (me) have yet to get it over the past 20 years?

What makes some people get God and others go a life time not getting Him?What makes some people have tons of friends and others seem to have none?
What makes some people have great days and others don’t?

I have been dealing with these thoughts for most of my adult life and much of my teen years. I am not sure this is a question easily solved or dealt with but I do know God is continually working in and on my heart. He is continually putting opportunities in my life that grows me and develops me as I navigate through life and leadership.

PS. I still doubt I will be accomplishing my Rubix Cube any time soon and I am ok with that.

What can we learn from Netflix, and others?

I have been watching some Netflix as of late, due to the generous gift of a secret giver who blessed us with 6 months of free service.
We have been watching a variety of new shows…. Well new to us. We don’t have a dish or cable tv so all the shows on Netflix are pretty much new to us. I know most people have already watched them and weekly watch the current shows as they air new but not us.
So, what does this have to do with Christianity or leadership in youth ministry. I think more than meets the eye….
Most Christians read the bible, know the stories and been there done that for ever but what about the new believers? Are they seeing the bible stories for the fist time, getting a first time look at the bible? I think so… Maybe we need to start looking at the bible from a new eyes perspective.
Go ahead and check out Netflix or your paid video service, try to watch a show you haven’t seen and then use the same energy of discovery to read a story from the bible.
Maybe it is time to challenge those under our leadership to take a new look at some old writings?

Avenger fighting the good fight

We had a movie night tonight. We have been running a series of Sunday night meetings based on various Super Heroes and Avengers was our first one way back in August.
It was a fun way of kicking off back to school for most of our students and it was a nice way of relaunching our Super Hero nights.

A couple of things I have learned from the movie and think the students caught most of it.
1. It takes a team to accomplish the most
Youth Ministers maybe it is time to work with other Youth Ministers
2. Everyone has something special to share
We have students and adults willing to step up and serve. Maybe it is time to let them
3. We have an enemy. The Avengers had a fight on their hands as do we
We are facing the forces and powers of satan. Getting in the Word will equip us

I pray the people who watch Avenger and movies like that see messages from God and impact the world

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