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Merry Christmas– Charlie Brown has been shown

I have to admit that I am a fan of the Charlie Brown Christmas special that was recently aired again on public TV ( you know the rabbit ears can pick it up version). This is a big deal for multiple reasons in my opinion:
1. It was a nationally watched cartoon.. where Charles Schultz used a popular comic strip to share the Good News of Christ to the world.
2. It is a show some are trying to get removed from circulation because of its religious stance.
3. It is Charlie Brown man…
4. My family growing up would begin the Christmas season and count down once we watched this show.

I don’t know where this tv show fits into your life, belief system or holiday season and I am sensitive to that fact.
But my family is carrying on the tradition and support of good quality tv that can effectively have a great message throughout the years.
From my family to yours…
Merry Christmas to you.charlie brown

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