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Changes… Upgrades and Time

I am a blessed person. I just received a brand new Dell Precision Note Book today…. Yeah it is awesome!
The video card alone has more memory than my entire replaced notebook. Yeah no joke.
So changing things over has been time consuming. I had to map all my drives, add external programs that were purchased and added after market. Then I needed to transfer all my files and outlook data (emails, dates and contacts).
I can tell this is a good process but it is becoming time consuming and painful (well emotionally). it is similar to the Christian walk. We are in a process of change, of God upgrading us to a new life and way of doing things… no of which comes at a quick rate.
Scripture tells us to work out our faith, pray continually and never stop.
I know the computer (Dell) will be a blessing in the near future and for the long run… just as much as I know my growing faith will be worth it in the short time and long run.
Please leave the thought of instant gratification the world encourages and markets for the life of long term growth and change.
Good luck on your journey and now it is time to get back to the switch over..
Until next time.. plant the seed, water the seed and watch it grow

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