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Leader, Follower or Both?

Leaders or Followers?

I am a confessing leader who is a follower. I know the world often says you are either a follower or a leader. I am not sure I totally agree with this view point. Allow me to ramble a bit.

Key information:

I am a full time youth worker who oversees and runs a ministry to 70 students and an additional 30 adults.
I am an employee of the local church, Dearborn Hills UMC
I have three bosses… Christ, the Senior Minister and a Board (we call our board the SPRC which stands for Staff Parish Relations Committee.

1. I would admit to being  a strong leader within my team of adults and students. I am the key figure head and make the final decision  for our Youth Ministry.

2. I also am a follower of our Senior Pastor. I support his vision and decisions as our leader.

3. I would also agree that we (SP and YP) are followers under Christ’s leadership.

4. I am on a retreat team with multiple area churches. I am one of four leaders, who also are followers. We have our area of expertise and each person leads within theirs as the others follow. It does take some trust and faith in the team.

The value in this blog would be simply, we have times in our lives, work and ministries were we  are the leader and others that we simply are the followers. The detail needs to be in knowing which one we are in each situation we encounter.
An example of this would be taking your students on a mission trip. We are in charge of our students, but we also are being lead by a staff of people from the mission organization.

My prayer is that we all can navigate successfully through the challenges of leader or follower. We need to do both well.

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